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Adding Attributes to the Data Model

Attributes are an integral part of the data model and define the properties or characteristics of a business object. They provide a way to store and organize data within the application.

By defining attributes in the data model of Eccentex AppBase, you can effectively structure and manage data within your application. Attributes enable you to capture and store relevant information, enforce data validation, and establish relationships between different objects, allowing you to build powerful and customizable applications.

The Master Data Model Builder is a tool to extend the standard DCM Case Model. For every Case Type, it creates a one-to-one Extension business object (where you can add custom attributes) and enables the administrator to add one-to-many business objects. When a Case is created, it will automatically create a record in the Extension business object (and any subsequent business objects) if the attached form has data for them.

  1. Navigate to Master Data Management > Data Models and clicking on AUTO_LOAN or select Control > Open.

  2. This will open the Data Model Builder at the Data Model Editor tab ready for development.
    The data model editor enables the administrator to use the graphical design tool to quickly abstract a data model for the solution. In addition to the primary business object created for the data model, it is possible to define and abstract other business objects that can be related in one-to-many relationships.
  3. Select Auto Loan business object (green). In the properties pane on the right side, add the following Attributes:       
    1. Customer Name - Text
    2. Employer - Text
    3. Loan Amount - Number
    4. Annual Income - Number
    5. Credit Score - Integer
    6. FICO - Integer
  4. Save the changes to the model (it could take a minute).
  5. Go to the Status Report and see the message Not Deployed. Any change to the Data Model requires to be deployed.

Next Steps

5. Editing the MDM Forms

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