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Architect API

By integrating these prebuilt API Rules into AppBase, users can easily harness the Genesys Conversation API's full potential. These rules might include predefined request and response formats, authentication mechanisms, error handling procedures, and other essential components that are essential for successful API communication.

Methods in Extensions

Before executing these methods, you should init auth token:

using DCM.GenesysHelper.Services;
string pureCloudUrl = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings.Get("PURECLOUD_URL");
string clientId = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings.Get("PURECLOUD_CLIENTID");
string clientSecretId = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings.Get("PURECLOUD_CLIENTSERCRETID");
int regionHost = DcmConvertHelper.SafeObjectToInt(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings.Get("PURECLOUD_REGIONHOST"));
AuthService authService = new AuthService();
authService.SetAuthToken(pureCloudUrl, clientId, clientSecretId, (PureCloudRegionHosts)regionHost);

How to get debug enabled flag. Debug data will be available in Conversation History (if we have ConversationId) or the system monitor.

string result = request.AsString("GEN_ADVANCED_LOGGING");
bool isDebugEnabled = result == "1";



Description: Returns flows by query.


  • flowRequest: FlowRequest
    • Type: List<string> - Type Valid valuesbot, commonmodule, digitalbot, inboundcall, inboundchat, inboundemail, inboundshortmessage, outboundcall, inqueuecall, inqueueemail, inqueueshortmessage, speech, securecall, surveyinvite, voice, voicemail, workflow, workitem
    • PageNumber: int, default = 1
    • PageSize: int, default = 100
    • SortBy: string
    • SortOrder: string
    • Id: List<string>
    • Name: string
    • Description: string
    • NameOrDescription: string
    • PublishVersionId: string
    • EditableBy: string
    • LockedBy: string
    • LockedByClientId: string
    • Secure: string - 

      Secure Valid values: any, checkedin, published

    • Deleted: bool
    • IncludeSchemas: bool
    • PublishedAfter: string
    • PublishedBefore: string
    • DivisionId: List<string> - division ID(s)
  • isDebugEnabled: bool, default = false


  • List<PureCloudPlatform.Client.V2.Model.Flow> 


using DCM.GenesysHelper.Services;  
FlowRequest flowRequest = new FlowRequest();
flowRequest.PageNumber = 1;
flowRequest.PageSize = 25;
var flows = new ArchitectService().GetFlows(flowRequest);

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