The External Party object is used to store details on any person external to the business who is associated with the system in the capacity of initiating or participating in a Case. Using a single object allows a person entered as an External Party to act in different capacities without the need to re-enter that person’s information. For example, the business may deal with Complaints received from the general public; therefore, the DCM has a Case Type of Complaint. The initiating party would be known as a Complainant so we would create this Party Type to link to the Complaint. Information such as name, addresses, contact details, and so forth would be captured.


  1. Navigate to External Parties → External Party Types (1).
  2. Click the Add New button, the green plus 
    button at the left (2).
  3. Enter a Name for the External Party (3) and the Code will auto-populate in uppercase and minus any spaces or special characters.

    Note you can override the Code but please ensure that no spaces or special characters are used.

  4. Enter a Description of the Party Type that explains the type of persona.
  5. If required, select the When Retrieving business rule to execute when a caseworker opens a record of this Party Type.
  6. If required to remove/not show this External Party type from the left-hand navigation menu at the run time check the Hide in the Navigation Menu.
  7. Click Save when done (or Cancel if you wish to exit without saving).

Configuring External Party Settings

  1. After adding a new External Party, configure the scenarios when to show in the cases this External Party.
  2. Navigate to External Parties → External Party Settings (1).
  3. Choose the best configuration for this External Party (2) based on the case use.