We can add Forms to the Case Page as a new tab. To do so we are going to add a new, not default, Detail Page and then add a new Form Viewer Tab.

  1. Navigate to Setup (1) > Forms and Pages (2) > Detail Pages
    As you can see, there’s already a default detail page for cases but these default detail pages cannot be modified.
  2. Click on the gear next to DCM CASE DEFAULT and select
  3. In the pop-up window enter the following information:
    • Name: AUTO LOAN
    • Case Type: Auto Loan
    • Description: AUTO LOAN Detail Page
    • Clone Permissions: Checked

  4. Save it.
  5. Click on the gear next to AUTO LOAN and select Open.        
  6. Drag and drop from the Toolbox/Tabs the MDM Search Viewer to the tab section.
  7. Set the required values for the MDM Viewer tab:
    • Tab Title: Bank Accounts
    • MDM Child Search: Bank Account
  8. Save it. Save your changes in the case detail page and test it using the Preview button selecting any existing case.
  9. Go back to Detail Pages and Publish the updated layout to the cache using the Play gray button.
  10. Go to Case Types (1), open Auto Loan (2), select the Custom Pages tab (3), and select AUTO LOAN for Detail Page.
  11. To check these changes, go to Case Management (1) > Search Cases (2), open any case you have already created, or create a new one. Check that you have the Bank Accounts tab.

Next steps

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