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DLL Extensions


You can develop business rules externally with any IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that generates .NET DLLs. The DLL Extensions form allows you to upload an externally generated DLL file for further use by a Business Rule.

This functionality allows the system to use any pre-built or purchased DLLs. For example, you might need some functionality not part of the system, such as payment management. You can register your own or purchased DLL inside the Solution. And after you register it, you can use the functionality. This allows you to use any additional functionality not part of the system.

Navigating to DLL Extensions

To access DLL Extensions, select Business Rules > DLL Extensions from the Navigation Menu. (or select DLL Extensions directly from the right side of the page):

DLL Extensions Tab

The following information is displayed for each DLL Extension.




Lists the actions available for each DLL Extension


Name of the DLL Extension. The DLL Extension name is listed as hyperlink. To access DLL Extension details, click the hyperlink.


If the DLL is part of the local installation of AppBase, its path will be displayed here.


Description of the DLL Extension

Last Modified

Date and name of the person who last modified the DLL Extension

API Code

API Code for DLL Extension. This is a unique identifier within AppBase

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