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Duplicate Checking

This article covers the options to configure the Duplicate Check section. This configuration is intended to determine if an email is duplicated based on the criteria selected. If an email is identified as duplicate, the email is marked as a potential duplicate and linked with the previously received email(s).


  1. Navigate to Setup → Email Settings → Inbound Email Settings

  2. Using the gear icon next to the name of the Email settings, open the configuration window selecting the Quick Modify option.

  3. Select the Duplicate Check method from the dropdown list.

  4. These are the options available:

    1. Default: Inherits the Duplicate configuration from the DEFAULT setting.

    2. Standard: Default value for DEFAULT setting. Uses the standard duplicate check algorithm.

    3. Business rule: Select the business rules to check for duplicate incoming emails.

    4. No duplicate check: With this option, there is no duplicate check of incoming emails.

  5. The Standard option detects an inbound email as a potential duplicate if the solution already has an email(s) that have the following criteria:

    1. the same sender and the same subject and arrived within the last 24 hours OR

    2. the same MD5 or the email body and arrived within the last 30 days.

  6. The Business rule option allows you to use a rule with custom logic to identify an inbound email as a 'duplicate.' The rule can also have parameters to setup the logic.

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