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Extending the Conversation Model

In Genesys, a conversation record represents the activity within a conversation from an analytics perspective. A conversation can involve multiple participants, such as the customer, an IVR, an ACD, or an agent. Each participant will be active in one or more communications or sessions that represent activity for a specific media type. Each session can be broken up further into segments that represent a particular state with a start and an end time (if the segment has ended). A session may also contain flow data and, for the voice media type, call quality stats (mediaEndpointStats). Conversations may also have surveys and evaluations associated with them. Each of these different layers of conversations will contain dimensions that describe the conversation. Timestamps for activity are tracked for the whole conversation (conversation start and end) and individual segments.

When you work in DCM during active Conversation, you could create different MDM Entities: related Cases, Generic Model records, etc. You can use the Conversation Reference Object in the MDM form if you'd like to link it to the current Conversation.


  1. Open the Data Model editor.
  2. From the System Reference Objects, add a Conversation object to the model. In our example, drop it on the Test object.
  3. Save the model and deploy the solution.
  4. Open Form Builder for the object. In our example, for Test.
  5. In Genesys PureCloud, open the Conversation and navigate to the entity form. In our example, the Case Type Test. The field takes the ConversationID from the frame.
  6. As you can see, the Conversation field has a link to the Conversation detail page of DCM. In our example, Conversation - 803. You can open it before saving your form data to be sure this is the correct conversation ID.
  7. When the entity is created on the Detail Page, you can observe the link to the Conversation. You can use this ConversationID in your Page Builder as a regular Reference Object field in the Summary panel or Toolbox sections.
  8. This Reference Object field can be added on any form as a hidden field.
  9. This attribute can be included in the Search form.

In search, reference combo displays as the combo with hidden triggers. This combo works by remote search if the user inputs a full conversation ID.

For now, the Reference link to Conversation cannot be modified.

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