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How to Call a Genesys API that DCM Was Not Covered

Calling a Genesys API involves making HTTP requests to Genesys servers to interact with their services, such as contact center management or customer engagement solutions. Genesys provides various APIs that allow you to integrate their services into your applications or automate various tasks.

The general steps to call a Genesys API are.

Authentication: Most Genesys APIs require authentication to ensure security. You'll need to include your access credentials in your API requests. Common authentication methods include API keys, OAuth tokens, or Basic Authentication.

API Documentation: Genesys provides detailed documentation for their APIs. Consult the API documentation to understand the available endpoints, request methods required headers, and request parameters specific to the API you are using.

Construct the API Request: Create a request (typically using libraries like .NET, Java, or Python) with the appropriate HTTP method (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) and include the necessary headers and request body if required.

Make the API Request: Send the constructed API request to the Genesys API endpoint using the HTTP library of your choice.

Handle the Response: Once you receive a response from the Genesys API, parse it to extract the relevant data. Most APIs will respond with JSON data you can use in your application.

Be aware of any rate limiting or throttling policies imposed by Genesys. These policies may restrict the number of requests you can make in a given timeframe. Check the API documentation for rate limit details.


  1. Before executing any call to a Genesys method, for example, to call the method that gets multiple conversations by id (/api/v2/analytics/conversations/details), you should get a Genesys auth token. The following is a .NET sample code to obtain the auth token from Genesys.

    using DCM.GenesysHelper.Services;
    string clientId = request.AsString("GEN_SERVICE_CLIENT_ID");
    string clientSecretId = request.AsString("GEN_SERVICE_CLIENT_SECRET");
    string pureCloudUrl = request.AsString("GEN_PURECLOUD_HOST");
    string regionHostInput = request.AsString("GEN_PURECLOUD_HOST_REGION");
    PureCloudPlatform.Client.V2.Client.PureCloudRegionHosts regionHost = (PureCloudPlatform.Client.V2.Client.PureCloudRegionHosts) Int32.Parse(regionHostInput);
    AuthService authService = new AuthService();
    authService.SetAuthToken(pureCloudUrl, clientId, clientSecretId, regionHost);
  2. To find out how to call a method, open the Genesys Conversations APIs page
  3. Use the API Operation Filter to search for the API. In our example, we are looking for the bulk/update method.

  4. Scroll down to the Invocations section and select a language. In our example, we selected the .NET.
  5. Copy the code to the AppBase rule and test it.

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