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Managing Users

You use the admin center to create user accounts for every person who needs access to ServiceJourney or other apps created with AppBase.

Creating a user manually

  1. On the top right, navigate to 
     → Manage Users
  2. Click the
    New User button
  3. Fill out the appropriate fields
  4. Click Save

Users need to log out and log back in for these changes to take effect

Details of a User Account


General Information

First Name*Enter the full First name of the userJohn
Last Name*Enter the Last name of the userSmith
Email *

Enter the user's email address

Note this is important when resetting a user's password and it is often used in business rules within a solution for forwarding information t.
Enter this user's business phone number.555-555-5555

Select the user's immediate Supervisor account from the drop-down list.

This relationship can be referenced in a business rule or other objects to apply restrictions for example.

Lara Smith
PositionEnter the position or job description.Senior Developer
TitleEnter a title or job description.Mister


User ID for Skypejhon_smith_22
CellphoneEnter this user's mobile phone number.555-555-5555
FaxEnter this user's business FAX phone number.
User membership
Auth Configuration 

Select the Authorization configuration.

  • Tenant Password Policy Configuration (default)
  • Active Directory
  • SAML (for web browser Single Sign-On (SSO))

AppBase supports several auth configuration types and can be configured in the User management → Auth Configurations. 

Tenant Password Policy

Where the user account resides

  • DB (Local. Default)
  • Federate (AD or SAML)
Valid user namejsmith
Password Assign a valid password to the user. Must follow the Password Policy.jsmi@0022
Confirm password.jsmi@0022

Status of the account

  • Active
  • Inactive
Address Information
CountrySelect the Country from the drop-down list.United States
StreetFull street address123 Main St.
CityCityLos Angeles
ZIPPostal code99002
User Preferences
Select to set the locale based on desktop configurationDefault is not checked
LocaleSelect the user's usual location from the drop-down list. Must be defined in the system.English (United States)
Native NameThe native name of the localeEnglish (United States)
Enter the user's preferred format for short datesM/d/yyyy
Enter the user's preferred format for long datesdddd, MMMM d, yyyy
Enter the user's preferred format for short timesh:mm tt
Enter the user's preferred format for long timesh:mm:ss tt
Define the first day of the Week. Common values are Sunday or Monday.Sunday
Time ZoneSelect the user's Time Zone from the drop-down list.(GMT-07:00:00) Pacific Daylight Time (North America) (America/Los_Angeles)

Import users from a CSV file

  1. On the top right, navigate to 
     → Manage Users
  2. Navigate to User Management → Users
  3. Click the
    User Import
  4. Click the 
    Download template button
  5. Open the downloaded Excel file to add the users to it.
  6. Save the file
  7. To select the Source File, Click the magnifier button and Select file to upload from your computer.
  8. Select the Auth Configuration from the list. The default setting is Tenant Password Policy Configuration.
  9. Set a Default Password for all the importing users. Must be a valid password.
  10. Re-enter the password in the Confirm Default Password
  11. Click the
    Import button.

Setting up Single Sign-On (SSO) with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD)

Configuring Single Sign-On (SSO) using Microsoft Azure AD

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