Developers can add the "Set Due Date" Event to the Milestone Builder (Set Due Date can not be added twice for one milestone diagram).

The Set Due Date Event will be executed when a case is moved to a state. The event is not executed a second time after routing to the state to which the event was added.


  1. Navigate to Setup → Case Setup
  2. Open the Milestone Diagram
  3. Drop the Set Due Event from Case Events to the milestone. In our example, the event is dropped to the Assignment milestone.
  4. At the right panel, configure the event properties.

Event Properties

  • Event Moment: Before or After the state is changed to the milestone.
  • Schedule Rule: This function should return the Due Date. Example rule QA_getSLAPlus1Day (it must be tagged 'cust' or 'Case Route').
  • Period:
    • Business Time: Time will be calculated according to AppBase Calendar and Holidays configuration.

      If the AppBase calendar configuration changes, you must clear the DCM Business Time cache on Setup → Monitoring → Cache Monitor.

    • Calendar Time: The date will be added as is.

  • Type of Period: The period that will be added to the event date.
    • Static: Specify a static period (Years, Months, Days, Hours, or Minutes).
    • Business Rule: The rule should contain a period full string of ISO duration format. Example rule QA_getSLAPeriod (it must be tagged 'cust' or 'Case Route').