This widget is available on the Case, Task, and External Party detail pages.

This feature works only if the option "Case Email application will work with DCM configuration" (4) is selected in the Index Settings (3).

Basic Settings

  1. Navigate to Setup → Forms and Pages → Detail Pages
  2. Select the detail page to edit
  3. Select the Case Emails Tab from the Toolbox and drop it on the Tab section.
  4. Set the Basic Settings for the widget: Tab Title and Tab Icon.
  5. Save it.

Standard Tab Settings

Default Email Templates
  • Static: Allows to select the template from the dropdown list.
  • By filter: Select the template using filters.
  • One for all email actions: The selected template will be used for ALL the email actions (Send/Reply/ReplyAll/Forward).
  • by action (Send/Reply/ReplyAll/Forward): Select the template for each action.

Show Template Filters

If it is selected, the Filter panel will be displayed in the templates tab.

Name is the default field for the filter panel.

Filters should be added in LTR and after that, you can configure their position in the DCM email template filter configuration (Setup → Forms and Pages → Email Template Filters)

Show Snippets

If it is selected, the Snippets panel will be displayed in the Send Email tab.

By clicking the snippet, the text will be inserted into the email at the cursor location, and the placeholders will be resolved.

Default values for Template and Snippets Filters

Custom Success RuleThis rule is executed if the email is sent successfully.

Custom Document RuleUse this rule to get any document to be attached to the email.
Object Config of LTR variablesAdditional parameters send to the LTR engine variables.

Email Address Setting

Email FROM field

Use User Profile Email

  • Yes (default): it will select the email address from the profile of the logged user.
  • No: it will select the email address from the system variable ENV_MAIL_FROM.

Custom Rule

Use a custom rule to get the email address for the FROM field.
Email TO/CC/BCC field

Allow Sending To Any Email Address

  • Yes (default): The user can manually type a valid email address into any field: TO, CC or BCC.
  • No: The user can only choose the email address from the dropdown list.

Recipient Filter

  • None (default): Only standard text field (no dropdown). Requires that the "Allow sending to any email address" setting set to "Yes".
  • Case Parties: The dropdown list shows all the Case Parties sorted by Name. We can expect that this list will be small so that filtering can be done locally.
    Also, the search should filter case-insensitive by Name (EP Name, Users, Team Name, ...) and by email address. The Case Party purpose should be the "subtitle"
  • Business Rule with local search: A dropdown list of applicable rules. 
  • Business Rule with remote search: A dropdown list of applicable rules.