Custom Dictionaries are used by legacy forms or MDM models via a Reference Object ().

Dictionaries are not migrated via the standard DCM settings for export/import (DEXP), but DCM has the ability to export/import custom dictionaries by a selected category.


  1. On the source solution, select the category (3) to be exported, click the Download Excel Template button (4), . In this example, we selected the Country category (3).
  2. The MS Excel file will be downloaded to the local disc using a name pattern like DICTIONARY_CATEGORY.xlsx. In this example the file name is Dictionary_Country.xlsx.
  3. On the destination solution, create the category to be imported or select an existing one where the values will be added (1).
  4. Click the Import Excel button (2), select the file and after a couple of seconds, the category content will be updated showing the newly added values. In our example, we selected the category Country_List which was empty.

This action can not be undone. Be careful selecting the right category before start importing the values.


  1. Export works for the category that is selected in the source solution. So, you can only migrate one data category at a time from the source to the destination solution.
  2. Import doesn't delete or update any records in a target solution.
  3. Import doesn't create the category. You must add the category in the destination solution manually before running the import.