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Rejection Criteria

The Rejection Criteria article refers to a set of customizable options that allow users to configure specific conditions under which an incoming email should be rejected entirely, preventing it from being processed further within the application. This feature is designed to help users manage email communication more efficiently and filter out undesired or irrelevant messages.

The configuration of the Rejection Criteria involves defining rules that are evaluated against incoming email messages. These rules are used to determine whether an email should be accepted and processed as usual or be rejected outright and not proceed through the normal workflow.


  1. Navigate to Setup → Email Settings → Inbound Email Settings
  2. Using the gear icon next to the name of the Email settings, open the configuration window selecting the Quick Modify option.
  3. Select the Rejection Criteria from the dropdown list.
  4. These are the options for the Rejection Criteria:

    • Default: Inherits the Rejection Criteria configuration from the DEFAULT setting.
    • Business rule: Allows to select a business rule from the dropdown list of business rules.
    • Email Allowed List: This option allows emails only from specific addresses and domains defined on the Email Allowed List. To learn more on how to manage the list, go to the Manage Email Lists article.
    • Email Blocked List: This option blocks emails from specific addresses and domains defined on the Email Blocked List. To learn more on how to manage the list, go to the Manage Email Lists article. 
    • No rejection criteria: It does not perform any rejection logic (the default option for the DEFAULT setting).
  5. When selecting the Business rule option on the Rejection Criteria, the interface enables the Rejection Rule dropdown list to select a rule. In some cases, the rule accepts additional parameters, which can be added to the Rejection Rule Parameters section.
  6. There are no additional settings for the Email Allowed List and Email Blocked List options.
  7. All the Rejection Criteria options except for the No rejection criteria accept the Preserve Days option to set the days that rejected emails will be stored after rejection.

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