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Setup Email Settings

Inbound Email Settings refer to the configuration options that govern how incoming emails are handled and processed within the application. When a new instance of the Inbound Email Settings is created, several initial settings need to be configured to ensure the smooth and efficient management of incoming emails. This includes setting up rules based on sender email addresses, subject keywords, or other attributes. For example, users can specify that all emails from a particular domain or containing certain keywords should be captured and processed within the application. 

Users can configure rules for automatically creating new cases based on the content of incoming emails. This step ensures that each relevant email initiates a new case, allowing for efficient case management and easy tracking of communication associated with specific issues or projects.

Inbound Email Settings also provide options for routing and assigning incoming emails to the appropriate teams or individuals within the organization. Depending on the email content or other predefined criteria, emails can be automatically assigned to specific case managers or departments, streamlining the workflow and ensuring prompt attention.

Describing these initial settings for the Inbound Email Settings, users of AppBase Eccentex can effectively set up a robust email management system. The article empowers users to optimize their email workflows, enhance team collaboration, and improve overall productivity by efficiently handling incoming emails within the application environment. This section aims to describe these initial settings comprehensively.


This guide assumes that the email capture channel(s) exists and is(are) deployed.


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