As you may notice, the other two objects we added, Employer and Bank Account are not present in the Auto Loan form. In the next steps, we are going to include the Employer Business Object to the Auto Loan form.

  1. Expand the Child Business Objects and add the Employer under the FICO field.

  2. Select the Employer section and set the property Is Hidden Header to ‘Yes’. Uncheck the property Use on Create.
  3. From the Layout, add a Title Separator, and set the Title as ‘Employer Info’.

  4. Select the Employer section and click on the Set Columns button

  5. Under the Search section, click on the Reconfigure fields button (gray gears)
  6. Select and then  delete the Created By, Created Date, and Id.
  7. Modify the order of the fields dragging and dropping the fields as desired in the list.
  8. Apply the changes.
  9. To remove the columns in the grid, select the column expand the menu, and click the Delete button for the three columns: Created Date, Created By, and Id.

  10. Save the updated search section.
  11. Close the Search Builder.
  12. Do a Preview, and test that you can see the Employer section under Update and Detail contexts only.
  13. Close the Form Preview.
  14. Save the form.

Next Steps

11. Adding Form Rules