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Audit Integration Token

An integration token is an encoded string that contains some information that allows to trusted login if the token is valid and not expired.

Audit Integration Token page help to monitor operations such register or use with integration token.



Status of operation: Success or Failed

Created Date

Date when the token was created

Expiration Time

Token expiration time (may be empty for Genesys/ININ use case)

Source Login

The user who created the Integration token at that moment

Target Login

Actual login under whom AppBase going to login current session

IP Address

The IP address (maybe empty for Genesys/ININ use case)

Token Type

  • Impersonate for AppBase impersonate integration token
  • Integration for Genesys/ININ integration token

Token String

First 5 characters of the Integration Token

Error Type

When a failed operation it shows if the integration token was Expired or Not Valid

Error Message

Info about the error, if any.

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