In this chapter, we will be setting up the company profile and default user preferences. Follow the steps below to get started.


  1. On the top right, navigate to 
    Company Setup
  2. Navigate to Company → Company Profile and the current company profile information will be displayed:
  3. Click the Edit button to add details or make changes.

    Under the General information section, upload a Company Logo.
    Select the file by clicking on the magnifying glass icon

    then click the Select file to upload button (2).
    Navigate and locate your logo file (.png or .jpg)
    and select to upload:

    The custom logo size in AppBase should be 23px in height to ensure nothing gets cut off. If it’s not the correct size, it will look blurry or make AppBase load slower when large files are uploaded.

    You can go to: and on the “Resize Image” section, set the height to 23 pixels and download.

     Update the required fields
    Organization name

    Organization Short name
     Primary Contact name (traditionally the name of the key stakeholder for the AppBase tenancy such as a System Administrator or business owner).
  4. If required, enter the other information.
  5. Select the month for the Fiscal year starts in for this organization
  6. Enter a Phone and Fax number whether this is the main contact number for the organization as a whole, or just for the primary contact
  7. On the right side of the pane, you can enter the address details of the organization
  8. Under the Defaults and preferences section provides for setting the default locale, time zone, and currency for a typical user.
  9. Select the Default Locale which will manage the time and date formats presented to the user
  10. Set the Default Time Zone and the Default Currency which are typically for the central location for the organization
  11. Click Save to commit your changes (or Cancel to exit without saving).