1. On the top right, navigate to 
     → ServiceJourney
  2. On the left, navigate to 
     → Setup → Case Setup → Case Types
  3. Click on the hyperlink of the Case Type you want to manage

A Case Type consists of multiple pieces

Case type moduleDescription
Main settings
Milestone Diagram

Milestones are a visualization of the major stages in resolving a Case. The milestones have organize work into sequential and logical phases that help achieve a business objectives, such as a resolution to a customer complaint.

ProcedureProcedures define the tasks necessary in your business process to reach a resolution. For improved flexibility and accelerated case resolution, multiple users can work on tasks in parallel. Typically the resolution of tasks progresses a Case along it's milestone diagram. 
Data ModelData Models allow expanding the Case data model to work with information specific to the case type. For example, adding special fields and tables for processing complaints. Pages, forms and search screens are then tailored for each case type by displayed data specific to that case type.
Additional settings
Related Case Types
Default Folders/Documents
Custom Pages
Available Ad Hoc
Common Events
Admin Reports