Sending a Case to become a Genesys Cloud CX Interaction requires setting up an Execute Rule event in the Milestone Diagram

Steps to configure

  1. In Setup, go into the Milestone Diagram of the intended Case Type
  2. Drag an Execute Rule event onto a Milestone
  3. Select the CUST_PURECLOUD_CreateTask rule from the dropdown
  4. Set the following parameters and click Save

    CUST_PURECLOUD_CreateTask paramters
    ParamTypeNoteExample values
    CaseIdNumberDCM Case record IdLeave blank
    ObjectTypeTextIt was designed and generic object but in our usecase it must be CaseCase
    TaskNameTextGenesys task (aka interaction) name, usually corresponds to DCM Case NumberComplaint
    Queue NameTextGenesys queue name where to create a taskCustomer_Service_Agents
    ProviderTextGenesys provider, I don't know where it is usedLeave blank
    SkillsText'|' separated list of Genesys SkillsLeave blank
    PriorityNumberGenesys priority50
    ParameterNamesText'|' separated list of additional parameter namesLeave blank
    ParameterValuesText'|' separated list of additional parameter valuesLeave blank
  5. Save the Milestone Diagram
  6. Create a new Case and you should see a new Genesys interaction

Passing in additional parameters

The variables ParameterNames and ParameterValues provide a way to pass in additional metadata to Genesys Cloud CX, such as the Customer ID or Case Name. To check the valid parameters check Working with Task Attributes and Interaction Properties (you maybe need a Genesys support account)

Sample code:

  • ParameterNames: DCM_TASK_TYPE|IWD_ext_productType|CustomerName

  • ParameterValues: Inquiry|Billing Investigate|John Smith