In this chapter, we are going to test if the flow we created is correct.

Testing the Workflow

  1. In Case Management, create a new case using dummy data.
  2. See that the new case is created in milestone New.

  3. Click on the Auto-Assign Case button, assign this case to yourself (Assign To Me), and Confirm. You can also add notes to this assignment for further references.

  4. The Milestone State is now Assignment and you can notice that the SLA MS Deadline is counting down the time remaining to complete this task.
  5. When the time is over 5 mins in the state Assignment, you will see the SLA MS Deadline change to red indicating the amount of time over the deadline. In the screenshot below, 23 minutes have passed after the 5 minutes deadline.

  6. To move to the next state use the button Get Credit Report. In the state Get Credit Report, the rule will be executed and the FICO score will be inserted in the case. Notice that the Case State is now In Process.

    Now we have two possible paths based on our workflow: assign the loan or review the info to qualify.
  7. Click on the Loan Assignment

  8. Edit the case using the green Pencil button and change the loan amount. Then click on the Email Decision

  9. An email was sent to the address you inserted in the TO parameter for the rule CUST_ltr_send_email in the previous step. The email is empty for now.

  10. Notice that the Case State now is Resolved.
  11. Before closing the case, let's check the journal. Go to the History tab and see that all the steps have been recorded.
  12. Close the case using the button Send to Close.
  13. The workflow is completed and you don’t see any milestone buttons in the bar.

    Notice that the Milestone State and the Case State are both now Closed

Next Steps

16. Debugging DCM Solutions