ServiceJourney supports an omnichannel approach to customer service for phone, email, web chat, social network channels, and more.

Eccentex has partnered with Genesys to provide some real-time digital channels that are not native to ServiceJourney. 

Customer channelMain use-caseHow to implement
EmailCustomers send emails to you. The emails are turned into cases.Email setup
PhoneCustomers call you on the phone to talk with support agents. Agents call customers. Create cases from calls.Genesys Cloud CX Setup
Web chatCustomers chat with agents on your website. Create cases from chats.Genesys Cloud CX Setup
Web formCustomers fill out a form on your website and submit it. The forms turn into cases.
FacebookCustomers can post on your company’s social networks, and they can at-mention your company on social networks. You can create cases from posts and reply to posts directly in the console.Genesys Cloud CX Setup
Messaging apps
SMSCustomers can contact your support center via text message, WhatsApp, and more. Agents can respond to messages from the Lightning Service Console.Genesys Cloud CX Setup