ServiceJourney comes with many different email-related capabilities, many of which require an administrator to set up or configure. Email administration covers the outgoing email settings, email templates, inbound email, email-to-case settings and and managing the email queue.

ServiceJourney uses Email Capture Channels and Email Distribution Channels to send and receive emails. The system administrator can create multiple email addresses that customers can use to communicate with customer service agents. The system administrator can also configure multiple outgoing email addresses.

After the incoming and outgoing email addresses are registered, the system administrator can set these properties for the email communication channel:

  • Establish one of the incoming email addresses to automatically create a case.
  • Enable a prefix to include in the subject line of an email to any of the incoming email addresses that automatically creates a case.
  • Create cases for customers who are not currently in the system.

The system administrator can also create a channel configuration to associate any of the incoming email addresses with specific Case Types, Products or other entities.

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