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Date Settings

This configuration should cover over 90% of the use cases for Date Formatting in DCM. Exceptions are Grid Export, Reports, etc., because it can't use JS Date Format to render on the backend.

By default, this configuration is based on Language localization settings (Setup → Localization → Date Settings), and if your solution uses multiple languages, different users will have different date formatting. But if your solution has to use fixed standards of date formatting, use the ExtJS format.

These settings are saved on the DCM Registry and can be modified using this UI or right on the Registry.

EcxUtils5.Date utility API

MethodSetting NameDescriptionDefault Value
isDynamicDateTimeEnabledDynamic DateTimeUse conditional DateTime formats related to date valueEnable
formatHumanizedDuration(duration, addAgo)

Dynamic DateTime
DCM DateTime - Standard

Used in Case Notes and Page Builder.
If isDynamicDateTimeEnabled is true we use humanized format, else we use formatDateTime method.

formatDynamicDate(date, raw=false)

Dynamic DateTime
DCM DateTime - Standard

For Created/Modified grid columns.
If isDynamicDateTimeEnabled is true we use dynamic date time format else we use formatDateTime method

For the current day: H:i
For the current year: M d
For other years: j/n/Y


DCM DateTime - Standard

Used for System Grid Columns: Created On, Modified On, etc

Moment: L LT
ExtJs: d/m/Y H:i
formatDateTimeExtended(date)DCM DateTime - ExtendedFormat with seconds. Used for Log Gird Columns: Case History, System Monitor, Queue Monitor, etc

E: d/m/Y H:i:s

formatDateTimeLong(date)DCM DateTime - LongUsed for Detail Info, Summary Fields, etcM: LLL
E: d F Y H:i
formatDateTimeFull(date)DCM DateTime - FullUsed in Tooltips for other datesM: LLLL Z
E: l, d F Y H:i P

Default Date -  

Used for dates without time like Date of Birth

E: d/m/Y

getExtDefaultFormat()Default Date - Ext Date

For overrides: Ext.Date.defaultFormat, Ext.util.Format.dateFormat, Ext.grid.PropertyColumnModel, Ext.grid.DateColumn

Ext Locale

Date Field - Display

For overrides Ext.form.field.Date and Ext.picker.Date

Ext Locale
getExtFieldAltDateFormat()Date Field - Alternate FormatsFor override Ext.form.field.DateExt Locale
getExtFieldTimeFormatTime Field - DisplayFor override Ext.form.field.TimeExt Locale
getExtFieldAltTimeFormatTime Field - Alternate FormatsFor override Ext.form.field.TimeExt Locale
getExtFieldDateTimeFormatDisplay Time Field - DisplayFor ecx-datetimefieldDate + Time formats

Localization Examples

DateTime FormatEnglish (US)German
Moment: L LT (default)02/19/2020 11:34 PM19.02.2020 23:34
Moment: DD/MM/YYY HH:mm (custom)02/19/2020 23:3402/19/2020 23:34
ExtJs: d/m/Y H:i (default)02/19/2020 23:3402/19/2020 23:34

Date and Time FormatEnglish (US)German
Default from date ExtJs Locale02/19/202019.02.2020
Custom date: d/m/Y02/19/2020


Default date + time formats: m/d/Y g:I A02/19/2020 10:45 AM
Default from time ExtJS Locale: g:i A10:45 AM

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