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Localization (Setup)

Localization is adapting a product or service to meet a particular location or region's language, culture, and other specific requirements. It involves translating content and making adjustments to design, layout, and other elements to ensure that the product or service is suitable for the target market.

Localization is essential for businesses and organizations that want to expand their reach and appeal to customers in different countries or regions. By localizing their products or services, they can improve their chances of success in those markets and demonstrate a commitment to understanding and meeting the needs of local customers.

The default configuration of AppBase is in English. However, the user interface can be viewed in multiple supported languages. For example, you can change the language of the email templates and notifications.

You can switch AppBase to a different default language by modifying your account settings and updating the default business rules, which contain English text.

If you want to support more than one language, see Adding multiple languages to AppBase. AppBase fully supports UTF-8 (Unicode). All languages supported by AppBase can be added to forms, notes, reports, and so on.


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