Administrators can use the Email Meta Data Report to see additional details of all incoming emails.

Using the tool

  1. On the top right, navigate to 
     → ServiceJourney
  2. On the left, navigate to 
     → Case Management → Admin Tools→ Email Meta Data Report

Grid columns

Created DateInternal system date when the record was created.30 DIC
Date_ReceivedThe date when the email was received.12/30/22
SubjectThe subject of the emailSJ TEST
SenderEmail address of the email sender (FROM field)
ReceiverEmail address(es) of the email receiver(s) (TO field);
Body_MD5MD5 hash number of the body of the mailA591CE70E81F2C95F462270A97F9021DEC
Workitem_IDAppBase Workitem ID999
IdInternal system ID for the record999
Created ByInternal system user ID who created the record.By default System User.
Modified ByInternal system user ID who modified the record.By default NULL.
Modified DateInternal system date when the record was modified.By default NULL
Mail_IDEmail RFC Message ID18D6024E6028AAC731E8EB598779E529B21BF368@DEC21
Thread_IDEmail Thread ID18D6024E6028AAC731E8EB598779E529B21BF368@DEC21
Mail_MD5MD5 hash number of the mailA591CE70E81F2C95F462270A97F9212DEC