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Export Board

The Eccentex DCM Export Board option allows you to export access controls, also called Access Subjects, for your DCM configuration. This functionality is helpful if you need to:

  • Back up your access controls: If you need to restore them in the future, the Export Board function creates an archive of your access controls. This is similar to backing up other data on your computer.
  • Copy your access controls to another environment: If you have set up different environments for testing or development purposes (such as a staging environment), you can use the Export Board to copy the access controls from your production environment to another.

The system will generate a compressed archive file containing your access control data. You can then import this file into another environment if needed.

It's important to note that exporting access controls only captures the access subject data itself. To fully replicate the runtime environment, you might need to consider other functionalities like the Data Export-Import (DEXP) solution component, which can export the entire solution configuration, including table data and content files.


  1. On the top right, navigate to 
     → <<your solution>>
  2. On the left, navigate to 
     → Setup
  3. Navigate to Solution Export/Import →Export Board (1).
  4. Select the configuration(s) to export (2).
  5. Start the process by clicking the Export button.
  6. You will see the hyperlinks to download the file(s) when the process finishes (3).
  7. You can also download the file(s) later using the hyperlink in the Export Log section (4).

Options Description


Solution export has two options: Full or Base.

  • Full: Exports a solution such as AppBase export of a solution (all business objects).
  • Base: Exports a solution except for CDM (custom data model) objects. CDM objects (business objects, relationships) have the prefix 'CDM_' in a name and are tagged via the 'ROOT_CDM' tag.
    A password is required if one or more protected system variables are included in a solution.
DCM can move dictionaries between solutions.

DCM can move a case type between solutions.

DCM can move a party type between solutions.

Export generic modelDCM can move a generic model between solutions.
Export mixed modelDCM can move mixed models between solutions.
Export access objectsThere is an option to move the Access Control and permission objects from one solution to another.
DCM provides the ability to move personal dashboards.
Export full configuration

Feature to move all DCM configurations.

  • Include LTR configuration: Will include the LTR configuration
  • Include DEXP configuration: Will include the DEXP configuration 
  • Include DCM Dictionaries: Will include the Word/Category of DCM configuration

Entities that will be exported in the process:

  • Teams
  • Skills
  • Business roles
  • Grouped work baskets
  • Reusable objects
  • Reference objects
  • Templates -> Message templates
  • Templates -> Placeholders
  • Legacy forms
  • Coded pages
  • Detail pages
  • Dictionaries
  • Data models
  • External party types
  • Task resolution codes
  • Case resolution codes
  • Priorities
  • Task types
  • Procedures
  • Case link types
  • Related case types
  • Case types
  • Work activity types
  • Document types
  • Dashboards
  • Dashboard Widgets
  • Localization
  • Permission
  • Registry

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