In AppBase versions starting from 6.6 we have changed the format for the Connection String used to connect to the Active Directory.

With the release of AppBase version 6.6 R1 we have added support for foreign Active Directories. This allows having AppBase installed on a computer that is not a part of the Active Directory it is synchronizing with. To facilitate this feature we had to change our requirements to what is specified in the connection string. Before the changes, we were allowed to skip hostname information in the LDAP Connection string. It was possible because we used an additional API to query for the correct server name from the Active Directory itself using Active Directory discovery - for that the VM had to be in the same Active Directory we synchronize with. Now when we remove that requirement we no longer perform a discovery of the LDAP server anymore.

This change requires now for the Connection String to use a format that specifies the Active Directory server name:

Before 6.6 R1After 6.6 R1


For more details on LDAP path format you can refer to: - however please note that we use distinguish name part (DC=eccentex,DC=local) as a backup way of finding Active Directory netbios name when Active Directory does not return "netbiosname" attribute.

Please update your Active Directory configuration from the old simplified format to the format that specifies the Active Directory/Server name as shown in the example table.