The Notifications section contains the articles with changes or all the articles in the KB that contain the article that has the Watching enabled.


  1. On change in attachments, if the article version is Published: "Attachment for article <Article Title>(<Article Code>) was add/removed"
  2. On link changes only if links isPublic: "Links in article <Article Title>(<Article Code>) was added/updated/removed"
  3. On add/modify Comments if the subscriber is not the current user and the State is "Public":  "Comments to article <Article Title>(<Article Code>) was added"
  4. On publishing a new version: "New version of article <Article Title>(<Article Code>) was published"
  5. In the article Expire send a notification only to the current owner: "Article <Article Title>(<Article Code>) was expired"
  6. When an article is assigned to a user send a notification to the new owner: "Article <Article Title>(<Article Code>) was assigned to you"

Notifications Page Layout

This section displays all the notifications. The New notifications are highlighted in light green, and the notifications Read are not highlighted.

This grid shows the following notifications:

  1. Сhanges in articles or all the articles in the KB that contain the article that has the Watching feature enabled.
  2. Сhanges to articles you created. The notifications in this case are automatic, not necessary with the Watching feature enabled.

Grid Columns

Field NameDescription
IDID of Notification
Event IdID of Event
StatusStatus of notification
SubjectSubject of notification
Object codeCode of object reported in the notification
Object typeType of object reported in the notification
InitiatorUser which has convened notification
Initiation onDate when the notification was convened 
Created ByDisplaying the name of the creator
Created DateDisplaying date of creation

Top Bar Actions

Action ButtonDescription

Mark selected notifications as Read

Mark selected notifications as Unread

Delete selected records