The Session Monitor page displays information about user sessions, their date and time login/logout, last activity, session end date, expiration period, IP address from which the login occurred, etc.


 Login of the user who logged in AppBase


Session ID

Logged In On

Date and time the user logged in

Logged Out On

Date and time of the user who logged out (for most of the records is empty)

Last Active On

Date and time of the last active user action in the AppBase within the dedicated period of the session

Expire On

Date and time when the user session expired

Expiration period

The expiration of the session in which the user can be active in AppBase: day.hours:minutes:seconds

IP address

The IP address of the client from which the login was made

Additional Host InfoAdditional information about the requested route (for most of the records is empty)

The Session Monitor page page has search panel where the user can filter data by Username and Logged (Ignore, Logged In, Logged Out)

The data displayed in the grid can be exported by clicking the "Export" button. The result of the export will be saved in an excel document.