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Tagging is a powerful feature in AppStudio by Eccentex that allows you to organize and categorize your business objects, rules, and other solution components. 

You can easily group tags based on common characteristics or functionality by assigning tags to these elements. This makes finding and managing specific components within your solution much simpler.

Benefits of Tagging:

    • Improved Organization: Tags provide a structured way to organize your solution components, making it easier to navigate and manage your solution.

      • Enhanced Search: When searching for specific components, you can filter your results based on tags, enabling you to locate the components you need quickly.

        • Streamlined Development: Tags can streamline the development process by allowing you to identify and reuse components with similar functionality.

        Creating and Applying Tags:

        To create a tag, simply click the "Create Tag" button in the Tags panel. Enter a name for the tag and provide an optional description. Once created, you can apply the tag to any business object, rule, or other solution component by selecting the component and then clicking the "Add Tag" button. You can assign multiple tags to a single component.

        Using Tags for Classification:

        Tags are useful for classifying components within your solution based on their function or purpose. For instance, if you're building a shopping cart feature, you can create a tag called "Shopping Cart" and apply it to all objects, rules, and other components that contribute to the shopping cart functionality. This allows you to easily identify and manage the components related to this specific feature.


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