Upon creating a new Case Type, the system automatically creates a Milestone Diagram for the Case Type. A Milestone can have SLAs, which are defined as the amount of time a Case can be in that State. If an SLA is violated, it will execute any attached Events. A Milestone can have exactly 1 Goal SLA, 1 Deadline SLA and any number of Other SLAs.

When we create an Auto Loan Case Type, the system has automatically created an accompanying Auto Loan Procedure, which we can now build our procedure against. The steps below will detail how to build the layout of the basic procedure.

Based on Practice 1 we need to create the following workflow:

Did you notice that your new cases are created in the Milestone State ‘New’? That’s the starting point for every Case. To move forward in the workflow we need to start the process by clicking the button ‘Start Work on Case’. Then it moves to the next state which is Assignment, so the system will ask you which Agent you’d like to assign the case to. After selecting the Agent, it moves forward to the next stage which is ‘In Process’. From here you can either mark the case as Resolved and then ‘Closed’ or just mark the case as ‘Closed’, both paths are valid by default.

In the next practice, we are going to build a new milestone diagram to reflect the workflow for Auto Loan.

  1. Open the Auto Loan milestone diagram
  2. Delete the In Process and Resolved default milestones states.
  3. Delete both Restart Case

  4. Add a new ‘In Process’ milestone state and name it ‘Get Credit Report’.
  5. Modify the Permanent Code to GET_CREDIT_REPORT.
  6. Change the Background Color of the milestone to Green (0EFF46).
  7. Add a path from New to Get Credit Report milestone and name it Fast Track Approval.

  8. Add a new ‘In Process’ milestone state and name it ‘Fast Track Approval’.
  9. Add a path from the Assignment to the Fast Track Approval milestone state and name it Fast Track Approval.

  10. Add the rest of the states and their paths:
    1. In Process’ - ‘Qualification Review
    2. In Process’ - ‘Employment Verification
    3. In Process’ - ‘Loan Assignment
    4. ‘Resolved’ – ‘Email Decision
  11. Move the rule CUST_TRN_getCreditScoreFn from the New state to the Get Credit Report state.

    Hint: there is no drag & drop option to move a milestone, you will have to delete it and create it again in the Get Credit Report state

  12. Drag & drop an SLA Deadline to the Assignment milestone
  13. Configure the SLA with the Transition from New → Assignment and the Deadline to 5 minutes.

  14. Drag & drop an Execute Rule Event on the Email Decision milestone
  15. Select the rule CUST_ltr_send_email for this event.
  16. Set the parameters From to no-reply@myemailcloud.com, the Subject to Loan Approval Letter, and the To for studentXX@eccentexcloud.com.

    To edit the value of a parameter, double-click on the field to open the editor.

Next Steps

15. Testing DCM Solutions