A Reusable Object is a Business Object that was created to be used in one or more MDM models. The Reusable Object can be added to our model and the content (value) could be updated because is full CRUD compatible.

To use a Reusable Object it MUST be deployed in advance.

  1. Navigate to Setup -> Master Data Management -> Reusable Objects (1).
  2. Click the plus button 
    (2) to add the new Reusable Object.
  3. Enter Employer for the Name and select the SMPL_testTable from the Table or View dropdown list (3)
  4. Save the new object.
  5. Go to the Auto Loan Data Model and add the new Employer Reusable Object to the Auto Loan BO.

    If you don’t see the new employer reusable object, refresh the list using the whirlpool icon.

  6. Save the model
  7. Run an Advanced Deploy.
  8. Check the status of the model after the deployment.
    You will see the new BO and the new Relationship with the Auto Loan.
  9. In the next step, we will add these new objects (Bank Account and Employer) to the Auto Loan form and customize them.

Next Steps

8. Customizing Forms