Users can search for all or part of an Article title, tags, by knowledgebase, category, created by, created date, modified by, keywords, phrases, or by the Article code.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search allows the user to enter multiple search criteria at one time. To open the Advanced Search panel click on the Magnify Glass button with the + sign.

Description of the fields on the Advanced Search panel

Last ChangesThis field specifies the interval from the last changes to the article
  • Any Date
  • Last 24 Hours
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 30 days
Sort ByThis field allows you to sort articles by Title, Date, Rating, or View Count
  • Title
  • Date
  • Rating
  • View Count
TagsThis multi-selection field allows you to select the tags as filter criteria

Begin typing a Tag word, and the Tag (field) will provide you with options.

Continue to add additional Tags to your search criteria.

KB NameThis multi-selection field allows you to filter the articles by Knowledge BaseOpen the drop-down menu and select one more Knowledge Base to your search criteria.
CategoriesAfter selecting the KB, this field allows you to select the category(ies) within each Knowledge BaseList of Categories and Subcategories for each KB selected

To Reset your search criteria and clean all the fields, click the Reset button on your Advanced Search panel. This will clear all the data from your search fields and the Articles in the detail screen.

Full-Text Search (FTS)

By default, if FTS is enabled the search enter query in the following items:

  • title (text)
  • tags (text)
  • expireson (date)
  • createddate (date)
  • modifieddate (date)
  • createdby (text)
  • modifiedby (text)
  • body (text)
  • bodyshort (text)
  • knowledgebase (ID)
  • category (ID)

Users also can search using Solr syntax query to specify the item to search in.

FTS Query Examples

  1. Articles created last 2 days : createddate:[NOW-2DAY TO NOW]
  2. Articles that expires in the next 5 days : expireson:[NOW TO NOW+5DAY]
  3. Articles with the keyword "test" in Title and the keyword "other" in the Tags :  title:test && tags:other
  4. Articles without the keyword "test" in the Title : -title:*test*