Articles are opened by clicking on the title of the article. After an article is on your screen, you can select to open the article in a new tab, or in a new browser tab.

Opening Articles

  1. Clicking on the article title (hyperlink) the article is opened in the same window.
  2. Clicking on the button
    the article will be opened in a new tab from the main tab panel.
  3. Clicking on the button
    the article will be opened in a new browser tab.

Article View Layout

The article view layout consists of:

  1. Title of the article.
  2. Body of the article.
  3. Article statistics.
  4. Comments section
  5. Article buttons.

Article Statistics

This section shows statistics about how many users have marked this article as Favorite (star), how many are watching this article (eye), and the evaluation (rating) of the article (how many users marked thumbs-up/thumbs-down).

You can evaluate the information of the article as if it is helpful or not (Yes, or No). When you select an option, you have the opportunity to submit feedback for your vote or just skip the option.


In this section, you can add some comments about the article.

The comments are visible to all users.

Article Buttons

Return to the KB Home page.

Add the Article to the favorites list. If the article is already in the Favorite list the star icon will be filled.

You can view your favorite articles on the Home page, in the Favorites tab.

The Watching (button) allows the user to be notified of changes to the article or all the articles within a Knowledge Base

The system will send notifications when changes are made to the article.

If Watching is enabled, the eye icon will not be strikethrough.

The Print button allows the user to print the article, or download the article. This button will open the article as a printable view in a new browser tab.

This button shows the URL/Link of the article so you can copy it to the clipboard.
Buttons to open the article in the next KB tab, or in a new browser tab