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Business Object Concept

In Eccentex's AppBase Solutions, a Business Object is a logical representation of a business entity, such as a customer, a product, an order, or any other object that plays a role in a business process.

Business Objects define the structure and behavior of these entities within the AppBase Solutions platform, including their attributes, relationships, validations, and workflows. Business Objects are designed using a drag-and-drop interface, allowing business users to create and modify them without requiring coding skills.

Once a Business Object is defined, it can be used to create custom business applications by assembling pre-built components such as forms, views, reports, and workflows. These applications can then be deployed on the AppBase Solutions platform or integrated with external systems through APIs or other integration mechanisms.

Business Objects in AppBase Solutions are highly customizable and adaptable to changing business needs. They can be extended with custom fields, validations, and workflows. They can be connected with other Business Objects through relationships, enabling businesses to model complex business processes and data structures in a flexible and scalable manner.

Overall, Business Objects in Eccentex's AppBase Solutions provide a powerful and flexible way for businesses to model their data and processes and build custom applications that meet their unique requirements.

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