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Creating an Empty New Solution

This article contains information on automatically creating a new environment in AppBase.

An everyday use for Automatic Environment creation is either an AppBase Cloud installation or a developer AppBase installation when a DBA user is available for the developer database.


  1. On the top right, navigate to 
  2. Click on the New Solution button.
  3. In the General properties section add a Solution Name, and a Description.
  4. Select an icon from the Solution Icon Css dropdown list and pick a color for the icon from the Solution Icon Color pallet.
  5. In the Create Environment section, check the Automatically create an environment for this solution option and select the Environment Type for your solution (Production, QA, Staging, Development).
  6. Edit the Environment Name if you want a more descriptive one. The Domain will be generated based on the Environment Name defined. For example, if the Environment Name is set to 'New Solution Dev,' the Domain name will be set to 'New_Solution_Dev.TENANT999.'
  7. In the API information section leaves the API Permanent ID as default, the same as the name of the solution.
  8. Proceed with the solution creation by clicking the Save button. The new solution will be created and after the solution is created a new environment will be created.
  9. Click the Go Back button. After a couple of minutes, refresh the view to check if the environment is ready and active, and you will see a green check icon under the Status column.
  10. Click on the newly created solution link, select the Environment Details tab and check the message for Status is Ready and active.
  11. Notice that the Deployed Version says Not deployed, which means that there is no solution deployed yet. Install a new DCM solution following the instructions in the article Deploy.

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