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Installing a DCM Solution

You have created an empty AppBase solution and environment following the steps in Creating an Empty New Solution. Now is the time to import the default DCM solution (schema) to set up the environment for developing a new solution.

Download the latest release or ask your administrator to provide the latest version file.


  1. On the top right, navigate to 
  2. Click the 

    Import button in the new solution

  3. Click on the Upload File button (1). Click on the Select file to upload button and choose the latest release file (for these steps, we use

  4. Select the for Import options (2)
  5. Check the Import solution events (3).
  6. Type the word "IMPORT" to enable Import uploaded file button (4).
  7. Click the Import uploaded file button to start the process.

    Note that this step might take a while (from seconds to minutes), do not close or refresh this page.

  8. After successfully importing the solution, you'll see the Solution imported. Spent time: 00:38 message, click on the Confirm button.

  9. Click on the Yes button on the pop-up window to restart AppStudio.

  10. Now, you need to deploy the newly uploaded solution following the steps in the Deploying a DCM Solution article.

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