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Deployment Management

Deployment is crucial in transitioning your meticulously crafted solution from the development environment to the real-world realm of end-user accessibility. During this process, the meticulously defined Business Objects are transformed into tables within the database, while the Attributes seamlessly metamorphose into columns. Relationships, the backbone of your solution's structure, meticulously weave their magic by establishing the correct foreign keys in their designated locations or conjuring intermediate tables as needed.

AppBase's inherent intelligence ensures that every Business Object is equipped with an indispensable attribute of type Integer, aptly named 'Id.' This attribute, during deployment, assumes the mantle of the Primary Key in the database, safeguarding its uniqueness and integrity.

The deployment process, seamlessly executed through the browser within Application Studio, comprises three pivotal stages:

  1. Validation: AppBase, with its astute discernment, meticulously scrutinizes the solution designed in Application Studio, ensuring its adherence to the principles of robust compilation.

  2. Data Model Changes: AppBase, ever the meticulous guardian of data integrity, presents a comprehensive list of intended modifications to the runtime database of the specified environment. This empowers you to either entrust AppBase with executing these changes or extract the SQL instructions for manual execution by your IT department.

  3. Application Model Changes: AppBase, with surgical precision, applies meticulously crafted changes to the application configuration, ensuring that your solution seamlessly integrates into the real world.


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