The Email Capture Channel feature enables DCM to read from an email account and using rules do specific actions with those emails.

AppBase uses an extension rule (DLL) called DefaultEmailCaptureRule to do the parse of the incoming emails.


  1. On the top right, navigate to 
     → Application Studio → <<solution>>
  2. On the left, navigate to Channel Setup → Capture Channels Schemas
  3. Click the 
    New Capture Channel button.
  4. In the General properties section set the Name of the capture schema
  5. Add Tags (optional)
  6. Select the capture Rule from the dropdown list. Set the required parameters for the rule if needed.
  7. In the Channel Typesection select Email (1).
    It will show the sections Batch Properties (2) and Email (3) where you will have to fill in more details in the next step.
  8. In the Batch Properties section set the Number of items to process at once and the Check for items every (seconds).
  9. In the Email section, enter the properties related to the email connection.


    POP3 or IMAP (go to Email Capture Setup - Graph API for the Office365 Graph option)

    E-mail Address

    Enter the email address or use system variables as @@GBANK_EMAIL_ADDRESS@@


    Enter the username or use system variables as @@GBANK_EMAIL_USERNAME@@


    Enter the password or use system variables as @@GBANK_EMAIL_PSSWRD@@

    E-mail Server

    Enter the email server address or use system variables as @@GBANK_EMAIL_SERVER@@

    E-mail Port

    110 or use a system variable as @@GBANK_EMAIL_PORT@@
    CMS Output Folder MaskFolder mask, for example ABCD_yyyyMMdd will result into cms:///ABCD_20300405/newemail.eml

    Temporary Path

    for example C:\TEMP or use system variables as @@GBANK_EMAIL_TMPFLDR@@

    Body Attachment Filename Template
    Import Attachments
    Check if you want to import attachments. Attachments are saved as individual files and the rest of the content can be transformed into an XML file.
    And Save Other Parts Into an XML File
    Check if you want to save other elements in the email as an XML file.

  10. In the File Properties section, insert the RegEx expression to filter the attachment files to be processed from the capture folder
    1. File extension(s): An empty value will be converted to the Regex .*, this means that all files will be processed.
    2. Separator: An empty value will be converted to a comma (,), the default separator.
  11. Add a Description of this configuration.
  12. Save the Capture Channel configuration.