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Channel Setup

The Channel Setup in Application Studio of Eccentex is a feature that allows you to configure data capture methods from data sources that are outside of AppBase. This is done by creating capture channel schemas, which are essentially blueprints for how to capture data from a specific source.

Once you have created a capture channel schema, you can use it to create capture channels, which are the actual instances of the data capture methods you have configured. Capture channels are typically scheduled to run on a regular basis, such as every hour or every day.

The Channel Setup feature in Application Studio is a powerful tool that can integrate a wide variety of data sources with AppBase. This can be useful for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Centralizing data from disparate sources
  • Creating a single source of truth for your data
  • Enabling real-time data analysis and reporting
  • Automating data-driven workflows


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