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Integration - How-To Call AppBase services

This article provides a guide to integrating using the AppBase APIs. It covers critical concepts such as event-driven and message-oriented architectures and explains their benefits and challenges. It also provides detailed step-by-step instructions on designing and implementing an integration solution, best practices, and tips for troubleshooting standard integration issues. The article outlines the advantages of integrating solutions to streamline and automate processes, improve data quality, and reduce costs.

Security Service (Login and Auth Methods)

Login API in the security service allows you to log in and get a security token.


URL: https://HOSTNAME/Security.WebService/AuthenticationServiceRest.svc/login

BODY: {"Username":"USERNAME","Password":"PASSWORD"}

HOSTNAME - AppBase installation hostname. For example,
USERNAME - your username for login. For example, jfoe.
PASSWORD - your password.

This service returns a token and a 500 Status Code when successful. This token is needed to authenticate further calls to any AppBase API. To see a tutorial on how to call AppBase services, check the following article: 22. Using DCM Rest Services

Calling AppBase Services

  1. Select the POST method and use an URL like this<security-token>
  2. Use the security token obtained in the previous steps.
  3. Use the Body content based on the service you are calling. In this example, the body contains the parameter InputXML. The XML structure for the InputXML needs to be obtained from your solution.

  4. The response will be an XML document like in the following example.

        "DATA": {
            "root_DCM_createCaseWithOptions": {
                "RETVAL": "-1",
                "ERRORMESSAGE": null,
                "CASENAME": "CASE-2022-21",
                "CASE_ID": "21",
                "ERRORCODE": null,
                "ValidationSummary": {
                    "VALIDATION": null,
                    "IsValid": true

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