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Managing Solutions and Environments

 Managing Solutions and Environments is the process of creating, organizing, and maintaining the software development environment.

This process involves a variety of activities such as setting up development and testing environments, debugging, version control, and deploying applications. By managing solutions and environments, organizations can ensure that their software applications are reliable, secure, and up-to-date. Additionally, managing solutions and environments allows organizations to ensure that their applications are meeting their specific requirements and standards in order to meet their business goals.

This process also helps organizations identify potential risks and take preventive measures to avoid potential issues.

An environment is a physical space on a server to which a solution can be deployed. Every environment must have a solution assigned to it, and you can have the same solution deployed to multiple environments. Once an environment has a solution deployed, you can configure such things as Capture Channels and Events.

Solutions are a collection of business objects, processes, roles, and applications that solve a business need. Solutions are designed using AppStudio and are deployed to Environments where they become usable applications for users.

In AppBase is possible to create a new environment with an empty solution in one step. To learn how to do it, check this article Creating an Empty New Solution.

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