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Resources are external files that can be uploaded and used throughout a solution to enhance its style, functionality, or appearance.

Resources can include:

  • JavaScript libraries: JavaScript libraries can add new features and functionality to a solution, such as the ability to validate form fields or display interactive charts and graphs.
  • CSS files: CSS files can be used to style a solution by controlling the appearance of its elements, such as its fonts, colors, and layout.
  • Images: Images can be used to enhance the appearance of a solution by adding logos, icons, and other visual elements.

Resources can be used in various ways to improve the quality of a solution. For example, a JavaScript library could be used to add a date picker to a form, a CSS file could be used to create a custom theme for a solution, or an image could be used to add a company logo to the header of every page.

Here are some additional examples of how resources can be used in AppStudio Eccentex:

  • A JavaScript library could add a chat feature to a customer service solution.
  • A CSS file could be used to create a mobile-responsive layout for a solution.
  • An image could be used to create a custom background image for a solution.


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