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Reusable Objects

In the context of AppBase, a reusable object refers to a software component that encapsulates a specific functionality or set of functionalities and can be reused across different applications.

Reusable objects in AppBase are designed to provide developers with a way to create modular and scalable applications. Instead of writing code from scratch each time an application needs a certain functionality, developers can reuse and modify existing components. This helps to reduce development time and ensures consistency across applications.

Reusable objects in AppBase can take various forms, including data models, user interface components, business rules, integrations with external systems, and more. These objects can be created and managed within the platform's development environment and easily imported and exported between different applications.

A Reusable Object is a Business Object created to be used in one or more MDM models. The Reusable Object can be added to our model, and the content (value) could be updated because it is fully CRUD compatible.

To use a Reusable Object, it MUST be deployed in advance.


  1. On the top right, navigate to 
     → <<your solution>>
  2. On the left, navigate to 
     → Setup
  3. Navigate to Data Management -> Reusable Objects (1).
  4. Click the New Reusable Object button 
     (2) to add the new Reusable Object.
  5. Enter Employer for the Name and select the SMPL_testTable from the Table or View dropdown list (3)
  6. Save the new object.
  7. Go to the Data Model and drag the new Reusable Object to the Business Object. In our example, the Employer over Auto Loan.

    Refresh the list using the whirlpool icon if you don’t see the new employer reusable object.

  8. Save the model
  9. Run an Advanced Deploy.
  10. Check the status of the model after the deployment.
    You will see the new BO and the new Relationship with the Auto Loan.

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