A Party Detail page is the layout used to display information about a Customer and other external entities your organization deals with.

While every Party Type can be configured to display specific information, the party's layout page usually remains similar to other party types. For new installations of ServiceJourney, there is a standard Party Detail Page.

Standard Party Detail Page

A standard Party Detail page looks like the screenshot below:

Header Title

This is the topmost section of the Case detail page.

Party TypeThe Party Type. By default is Party.
Party NameFull name of the party

Header Toolbar

Right under the header title is the header toolbar that contains the major actions to do on the Case. By default it contains:

Associate ContactButton to open the
Search CasesButton to open the Search Cases page
Search CRMButton to open the Searching the CRM page

Summary Section

This section contains basic information about the Party.

NameName of the Party
Primary PhonePhone number of the Party
Genesys InfoGenesys Interaction details. The default value is "Not in an interaction"
Entity TypeEntity Type (Organization/Person). The default value is "Person"
Primary EmailPrimary email address of the Party

Central Tabs

The central tabs contain detailed information about the Party.

Party InfoShow detailed information about the party
Cases (10)List of all the Cases associated with this Party
Emails (5/20)List of all the emails interactions between ServiceJourney and the Party. Ability to reply, forward, attach to an existing case, or detach from the case. The number format 5/20 indicates there are 5 unread emails out of a total of 20 emails. 
Documents (6)List of all the documents associated with the Party. Ability to upload, remove, and view the document.
Interactions (Genesys)List of Interactions associated with the Party. Ability to see basic info of the interaction.
Related Parties (3)Show any existing links to another Party such as a family member. Ability to create a new party or search for parties by name, email, or phone.
Search ContactsShow the Searching the CRM page. Ability to search an Organization or Person by name, email, phone, or address.

Right tabs

By default, this section shows:

Create CasesWindow to create a new case of the Type selected. By default Complaint, Inquiry, or Request.
Notes (6)List of the Notes posted on this Case.

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