By default, ServiceJourney converts emails either into new Cases or attaches them to existing Cases. In certain advanced use-cases, you may want to change how parts of the email are mapped to a new Case. The mapping needs to be specified in a Base64 representation of an XML. 

To add parameters in the XML we use the {} notation. For example, to insert the Summary content we use the following code

Steps to configure

  1. On the top right, navigate to 
     → ServiceJourney
  2. On the left, navigate to 
     → Case Management → Admin Settings → Email to Case
  3. Click on the 
    next to the Id number and select Quick Modify
  4. Fill out the fields as needed, explanation of the settings are below

Properties of Email to Case

Case Type NameCase Type name to create for incoming emails. For example, EMAIL.
Case Create XML

Base64 encoded XML used to create a new Email Case. The following XML corresponds to the EMAIL Case Type

You can use a website like to encode the XML Base64.

Steps to building the "Case Create XML"

If your Email Case Type's data model has not been changed, then your XML before it was converted to Base 64 looks like below:

XML Example

		<Object ObjectCode="CASE">
		<Object ObjectCode="CDM_EMAIL">

If your Email Case Type's data model has changed or you want for incoming emails to create a Case of a different type, then see article: How to Get the XML Structure of a Case Type

The XML uses handlebars {} to indicate dynamic content that is replaced with values extracted from the actual email or or with values that were calculated from the initial email processing.

Description of the available placeholders that can be used in the XML :



The email address from the senderEmail → From
{MaxDCMPrio}The calculated priority code based on contentEmail Router Config → Priority
{Team}The Team that the new email case will be assigned toEmail Router Config → DCM Team
{Summary}Case titleEmail → Subject
{DateNow}System UTC date when the incoming email is processedSystem → DateTime.UtcNow.ToString("dd-MMM-yyyy"));
{Duplicate}Marked email as duplicate



Queue name for routing email/case to

Email Router Config → Distribution Queue
{Capture_Channel_Code}Capture Channel Code that captured this email

Send Message Request XML →

{ExtraAttributes}The result of a rule that uses a RegEx expression to get specific data,  for example, the contract number. If a value is found, the result of the RegEx is stored in an attribute (for example Case Attribute Name=CONTRACTNR). Then this attribute would be added as ExtraAttributes and can be also used in the Create XML as {CONTRACTNR}

Email Router Config → Rule configuration → Case Attribute Name

Converting the "Case Create XML" to Base64

Once you've formulated the XML, you need to convert it to XML before pasting it in the Case Create XML file above.

  1. Go to
  2. Copy the encoded text to the Case Create XML

Technical note

By default, all incoming emails are processed by a special DLL called CUST_AER_CaptureIndexingEmail, which calls the DCM_createCaseWithOptions rule.

Default Base64 for backup