Incoming emails that get converted to new Email Cases can go through additional automatic actions such as being automatically assigned or responded to. Every incoming email will go through all the Email Routers in order until it finds one that applies.

Steps to configure

  1. On the top right, navigate to 
     → ServiceJourney
  2. On the left, navigate to 
     → Case Management → Admin Settings →
  3. Click on the 
    next to one of the Email Routers 
    and select Quick Modify
  4. Fill out the fields as needed, explanation of the settings are below

  5. Click Save




Unique identifier to set the order of precedence when processing the router rule. Example: 1 (First), 999 (Last)


Flag to indicate if this criterion is active or not.
Rule Name
Name of the router rule
Rule Description
Description of the router rule
Rule configuration

Rule Type

Set the scope to search for the Criteria. Default options are Default (Catch-All), Body, Subject, To, From, CC, Recipients.

Set the condition for the criteria. Default options are IS, CONTAINS, and REGEXP
Text or RexExp to search in the Rule Type (for example, Body). Example: SUE THE BANK; SUSPICIOUS TRANSACTION
Case Attribute Name
If a value is found from a RexExp, the result will be stored in the case attribute name set here. For example, CONTRACTNR.
What is the SLA when the rule is valid?

SLA Unit Type
Define the SLA in the selected Unit. Units are defined in the dictionary Unit Type. Example: WORKHOUR
SLA Units
Set the number of units for the SLA. Example: 3 (WORKHOUR)
What to do if rule applies?

Distribution Queue
Name of the distribution queue
Case Type Config
Define the Case Type for the new case.
Reject Email
Check if the email is rejected and not further processed
Set the Skills to assign for the new case
DCM Team
Select the DCM Team for the new case
Close after Create
Check to close the case after creation. Use this feature to register the incoming email but not process it.
Select the DCM Priority for the new case. By default is NORMAL.
Genesys Priority
Set the value of the Genesys Priority for the new case. By default is 0.
How and which reply to send?

Distribution Channel
Name of the Distribution Channel to use for the Auto-Reply. Distribution Channels are defined in Distribution Channels Config.
Auto Reply
Set the Letter Template to use as Auto Reply from the dropdown list. The dropdown list shows only the published Letter Templates with Case as Root Object Type.
Outbound Address
Email FROM address.
If rule applies, execute this DCM rule:

Check to execute a DCM rule when the router rule finds a match.
Rule To Execute
Code name of the DCM rule to be executed.