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Distribution Channels

Distribution Channels in AppBase enable organizations to send alerts and notifications to users, both internal and external when certain events occur in the system. For example, an alert can be sent to a user when a workflow has been started, a work item is overdue, or a customer has placed an order.

Distribution Channels are highly configurable, allowing organizations to tailor the alerts to their needs. For example, organizations can specify the type of alert, the recipients, the content of the alert, and the timing of the alert. Distribution channels can be used to improve communication and collaboration within an organization, as well as to keep customers informed of the status of their orders or service requests.

Here are some examples of how distribution channels can be used in AppBase:

  • A customer support team can use distribution channels to send alerts to customers when their support tickets have been updated or resolved.
  • A sales team can use distribution channels to send alerts to salespeople when new leads have been generated or qualified.
  • A manufacturing team can use distribution channels to alert workers when new orders have been received, or production schedules have changed.
  • An IT team can use distribution channels to alert administrators when system errors or security breaches occur.

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