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When pages are scanned in batches into the system using a capture channel, they can be separated using bar codes. The system separates pages by analyzing every scanned page for a barcode. If the system detects a barcode, it creates a new document and adds pages to it until it detects a new barcode.


  1. On the top right, navigate to 

     → Application Studio → <<solution>>

  2. On the left, navigate to Channel Setup → Barcodes

  3. In the tab, click the New Barcode button.

  4. Insert a Barcode Name. In our example, demoBarCode.

  5. Insert the Regular Expression to use during barcode recognition. For example, if the barcode contains a case number, the Administrator can set up a barcode with the following format CASE999, where CASE is a literal that does not change, and 999 is the numeric part for the Case ID. The regular expression for this configuration would be: /CASE[\d]+/

  6. Check the Barcode is used to separate batch scans or documents if needed.

  7. Additionally, provide a Description for the use of this schema.

  8. Click the Save button.

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