Every Case Type can have its own unique Case Detail page. 

Steps to Configure

  1. On the top right, navigate to 
     → ServiceJourney
  2. On the left, navigate to 
     → Setup
  3. Navigate to Forms and Pages → Detail Pages
  4. Click on the hyperlink to the appropriate Case Type detail page

Available Widgets

The Detail Page Builder comes with various widgets. 


Buttons section

AssignmentButton to assign a case
Milestone RoutingButton to route the case to the next available milestone
Action ButtonButton to execute a call to a rule, open an APSX page, open an URL, execute custom JavaScript code, or close the window
Custom WidgetButton with custom code
Summary fields
GenericUse to show text from standard labels (Case ID, Priority, etc.), from the MDM model (ModifiedBy,  Category, etc), a hyperlink, or a static label
Case IDThe auto-generated unique ID name of the Case.
Case OwnerOwner of the case (assigned to). This could be a Case Worker, Team, or Business Role.
Case StateState of the case. This varies by Case Type.
Milestone StateMilestone state of the case. This varies by Case Type.
Case TypeThe Case Type. By default in the ServiceJourney solution, those could be EMAIL, COMPLAINT, ENQUIRY, or REQUEST.
CreatedDate when the case was created and who created it.
PriorityPriority of the case.
ResolutionShows the Resolution name for a close case. This varies by Cases Type.
SummaryShows the Summary field of the case.
SLA MS GoalShows the time remaining before the SLA Goal date (in green) or the time passed after the SLA Goal date (in red)
SLA MS DeadlineShows the time remaining before the SLA Deadline date (in green) or the time passed after the SLA Goal date (in red)
HyperlinkShows the content of a URL
Donut ChartShows the amount remaining of a value set as a donut graph
SLA ChartShows the time elapsed before/after the Goal or Deadline SLA date as a donut graph
Date ChartShows the time elapsed before/after a customized date as a donut graph
Custom WidgetWidget with custom code
MDM Summary fields
Various fieldsThese are fields configured in the Case Type's MDM builder
GenericGeneric widget to show Form Viewer, MDM Form Viewer, MDM Search Viewer, Party Case, Summary Info, or Tasks.
Case InfoShow the initial information entered when the case was originally created. It uses the assigned Detail Page.


Widget to show the list of Case Parties associated with the Case.
DiscussionsEnables various participants in the Case (caseworkers) to create a Discussion thread where an open conversation is captured and responded to by other users.
DocumentsWidget to show the list of all the documents associated with the case. Ability to upload, remove, and view the document.
Form ViewerWidget to show a Single Form using Form Builder


Widget to show the audit log of events that have happened on the Case.
NotesWidget to show the Notes posted on this Case.
Related CasesShow any existing links to another case. For the case types Complaints, Enquiries, or Requests by default are related to the Email case that creates the case.
TasksShow all the tasks of the procedure and its status.
Work ActivityWidget to show the log time spent against certain activities.
Case EmailsWidget to show the list of all the emails interactions. Ability to reply, forward, attach to an existing case, or detach from the case.
MDM Form ViewerWidget to show the Detail and/or the Modify MDM Form
MDM Search ViewerWidget to show an MDM Search page
Party CaseShow the form to create a new case selecting the Case Type from the customized dropdown list
Custom  WidgetWidget with custom code